About Fred Pais

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Behind The Lens


As a bit of history, I was introduced to, and intrigued by, photography when in the 4th grade while visiting my Dad’s basement darkroom and camera equipment.


Throughout my childhood years, I experimented with different cameras that my Mom and Dad had and developed a photography interest at a young age. In the 8th grade, I had the opportunity to test Polaroid's new prototype Land Camera and specially developed film prior to launch while in the field. Unfortunately, although a technical revolution to the standard Land Camera, it never came to market.


Later in my young adult life while deployed, serving overseas, I made use of my spare time photographing landscapes, street venues, and culture. There was time lost after returning home to take care of my new and growing family's needs where I had to rely on my other skills and abilities. For some time my photography then resorted to a pro-consumer hobby, which I practiced and still enjoyed prior to becoming professional.


I have been a techie of sorts since high school. I have been a successful start-up entrepreneur several times while obtaining licensing in various fields such as in Electrical Contracting, Real Estate, State Certified Instructor, and as a Broker for Insurance and Financial Advisement. I was even a pioneer in Satellite TV where I designed and owned private cable TV systems for commercial properties for many years.


I decided to finalize my career ventures and go professional as a Photographer, creator, and Post-Editor in 2015. Drone 360 Photography became my new belated passion, initially combining my love for flying and photography, while providing aerial imaging. Now I'm excited to create great photos and offer a unique original image portfolio.


What inspired me was my love for the ability to capture imaging that affected people's moods and interests. I wanted to take my past experiences and business attributes to begin a new challenge. I wanted to take still photography to a new level while providing my enthusiasm and the use of modern gear and technology, blending them together to achieve an exceptional result for the client.