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For me, my photography introduction began as a youngster in the 4th grade. My Dad was a hobbyist photographer, where I became fascinated by his make-shift darkroom in the basement. I would go through all those stacked black & white photos, lacking detail, to view my Dad’s trial, errors, and accomplishments. My first cameras as a kid included the Brownie box camera and a Kodak 110 black & white film accordion fold-out camera, that my Mother never really used (I still have that today in mint condition). Prior to high school, I had the privilege to experiment with a manufacturer prototype Polaroid Camera. This was a sophisticated mock-up of the well-known Polaroid Land camera, fitted with a special German chrome tubular lens and advanced special film, that never made it to market.


Jumping ahead, my photographic interest circled around while serving two tours in Vietnam. I experimented with Black and White photography while developing and enlarging photos and then moved on to color film as it became available. I purchased a couple of different 35mm split image focusing cameras, thereafter updating to a couple of 35mm TTL (Through-The-Lens viewing) cameras for more detail and performance features. This was the beginning of what we have come to see today. Still, as a consumer, I became more experienced utilizing new cameras and lenses as technology advanced and adopting more related equipment as it became available. I incorporated these for animal wildlife photography, landscapes, and family portraits. After leaving the service, I realized that I would not be able to feed a growing family at this stage of my career and resorted to my trade experience as an electrician. I had no idea then of the many challenges yet to come.


To jump ahead once more, I since brought my passion and experiences of flying and incorporated it with Drone technology, marrying both industries together. Being a self-proclaimed techy since high school, I had experiences in a number of occupations from startup as an entrepreneur, most of which I built a hands-on service business from, including as an electrical contractor, satellite TV pioneer, and insurance-financial investment broker, even a bit of time teaching and real estate agent too. However, my skills and those experiences provided a solid base, allowing me to feel quite comfortable in whatever new challenges I would expect to face. All this rounded me out for my long-awaited photographic career.


I hold an FAA sUAS licensed as a commercial drone pilot for our aerials. I am always looking for those who wish to improve their marketing ROI, wanting to spread the word on their website and social media, for those who want to look better than their peers or simply have a project that needs to be launched. 



  • During two tours in Vietnam, became a freelance photographer along with my other duties.

  • Thereafter spent much time as a pro-consumer photographer in wildlife, landscapes, family still photography, and a bit of freelance.

  • Acquired an FAA commercial sUAS Drone pilot's licensing and related liability insurance as required. I educated myself on a more sophisticated approach to commercial photography, always trying to improve on what I do.

  • Incorporated my flying abilities and passion in combination with my love and experiences in photography.

  • Brought in my experiences in real estate and construction to enhance and round-out the needed capabilities to excel and perform professionally.

  • Utilized my technology background to provide a resource for the software application and mechanical abilities in order to achieve the needed results while offering new advanced options for the client. I became a post editor.

  • Introduced various new technologies and features to the marketplace such as 360 Panoramas, 3D VR (Virtual Reality), drone aerial photos and video, 360 virtual tours, commercial video marketing, and website imagery, etc.

  • Educated potential clients on Drone capabilities using photography and video imaging in Real Estate residential and commercial, construction, structure inspections, data capture, and topographical mapping.

  • We have full control of the process and actual work, unless proprietary, eliminating outside third parties. No editing is sent overseas!












Real Estate of any type or size, inside and out, ground and aerial, 360 Virtual Tours, Google Business View to attract clients, Special Purpose, and organic Business Imaging including products and services to better expose your business to prospects on a website, social media, and email marketing. Fully insured.
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